3 Reasons to Keep Your Co-Parenting Situation Friendly


3 Reasons to Keep Your Co-Parenting Situation Friendly

When you took your vows you thought it was forever. But, for whatever reason you were wrong.

No matter who is to blame for whatever took place that put the final nail in the coffin of your marriage, if you and your ex-spouse have children, you will want to do your best to take the high road. Even if you and your former spouse despise one another, it’s best for all to keep things friendly.

Here are 3 Reasons for Keeping it Cordial

There are mostly likely dozens of reasons for why you shouldn’t pick fights with your ex whenever you have a chance whether you share children or not, but these 3 are as important as any of them.

It’s Better for Your Children

Divorce can be difficult for children, but one thing that’s even more difficult is feuding parents. Even if you and your spouse have disagreements, which you will, keeping things polite and friendly sets a good example for your children. It also keeps them from getting stressed about being stuck in the middle of two people they care about but that appear to not care about each other.

Also, parents that remain on friendly terms after their split often do a better job at sticking to their visitation schedule. By sticking to their schedule, they keep a structured lifestyle for their child, which also alleviates stress.

It’s Better for You

Having a friendly post-marriage relationship with your spouse is not only good for your children, it’s good for you as well. Constant arguments with someone you have to remain in contact with is an ongoing stressor that will only wear you down over time.

Indirectly, this is also good for your children. If you are always stressed out and irritable, your relationship with your kids will suffer. By removing a major thorn in your side, you’ll be that much more pleasant on a day-to-day basis.

It’s Easier on Your Wallet

In most cases divorce is not friendly on your finances. Contested divorce can be downright destructive. Then, the more post-divorce squabbles you have with your ex that require the assistance of lawyers to defuse, the more billable hours you get charged.

By doing your best to keep things courteous you limit excess legal fees. And, you might also limit unforeseen expenses like therapy to help cope with the stress of always fighting with your ex.


No matter how much you dislike or disagree with your ex, by going above and beyond to try and keep your relationship as civil as possible, you are doing what’s best for everyone involved.

If you have a well-made parenting plan and custody agreement that spells out all of the different intricacies of what both you and your ex are responsible for, and if you both do your best to follow it, you’ll keep potential conflict at a minimum. And, the less conflict, the less stress, both emotionally and financially, and that’s better for the whole family.

Tim Backes is the senior editor for Custody X Change, a co-parenting custody scheduling software solution.

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