Gratitude Journals

Thanksgiving has come and gone…on the calendar that is.  But why can’t we put the simple principles of this holiday into practice on a daily basis?  Why can’t we prioritize instilling a grateful heart in our children, students, even ourselves?! I have started a “Gratitude Journal” with each of my children.  This is a place they […]

Cupcake Liner Fish Craft

Make this adorable fish craft from cupcake liners.  It is simple, yet offers little fingers plenty of fine motor practice. You will need: construction paper, cupcake liners, scissors, glue, goggly eye, and crayons (markers, paint, etc.). 1.  Trace a simple fish shape on the construction paper. 2.  Color and/or paint the fish.  Allow to dry. […]

Painting With Pipe Cleaners: A Simple Fine Motor Activity

Painting is one of my daughter’s favorite activities.  So we paint a lot around here, to say the least.  We are always finding new objects to paint with and different paint techniques to use.  My daughter wanted to try using pipe cleaners to make paint prints with; so we did.  Not only was it fun, […]

Easy DIY Bracelet Made From Pipe Cleaners

Make these Easy DIY Bracelets using pipe cleaners and a roll of masking tape. Your kiddos will enjoy making these colorful creations and proudly wear them with their favorite outfits. You will need: masking tape (tape and empty roll); pipe cleaners; stickers; and embellishments (beads, etc.). 1.  Using an empty masking tape roll, start wrapping various colored pipe cleaners around the roll. 2. […]

Paper Fish Bowl Craft

Get your kiddos and go on an underwater adventure with this fun craft!  You only need a few household supplies to create this adorable Paper Fish Bowl Craft.  Come on…let’s dive in… You will need: different colors of construction paper for the fish bowl and fish; glue; scissors; crayons; paper plate; and markers.  1.  Draw […]

Violet Paint Prints

Spring is almost upon us!  Let’s celebrate and get crafty with this beautiful print made from celery stalks.  I really enjoy making prints from natural objects like fruits and vegetables, as you never know how the print will turn out.  This is especially fun with children, as it is almost a “magical experience” for them […]

Purposeful Painting

Painting can be beneficial on so many levels for both children and adults.  Not only does it offer fine motor practice, it also provides relaxation, amongst other benefits.  Don’t limit your children (or yourself!) to only using paint brushes and paper; think outside of the box and be creative with your choice of media to use […]

Pet Rock Puppy

My kiddos and I were having arts and crafts time earlier today when I asked my five year old what she was creating.  She simply showed me this adorable Pet Rock Puppy and explained to me “her tips” to make it which included: finding light-colored, smooth rocks; using permanent marker before painting the rock; and adding […]

Easy Valentine’s Day Butterfly Craft

I simply laid out a few supplies and my five year old created this adorable Valentine’s Day Butterfly Craft. My favorite part of this craft is that SHE created it completely on her own; no instructions, no guidance, nothing! You will need: heart shapes (various sizes); feathers, paper, glue, crayons or markers, scissors, pipe cleaners, […]

Simple Valentine’s Day Animal Craft

This simple Valentine’s Day Animal Craft combines two holidays that fall closely together: Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day.  We made these at school after reading a book together on groundhogs and Groundhog Day.  We then reviewed Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day.  Depending on your children’s/students’ ages and/or abilities, you could use a Venn Diagram that focuses […]