Cupcake Liner Fish Craft

Make this adorable fish craft from cupcake liners.  It is simple, yet offers little fingers plenty of fine motor practice. You will need: construction paper, cupcake liners, scissors, glue, goggly eye, and crayons (markers, paint, etc.). 1.  Trace a simple fish shape on the construction paper. 2.  Color and/or paint the fish.  Allow to dry. […]

Paper Fish Bowl Craft

Get your kiddos and go on an underwater adventure with this fun craft!  You only need a few household supplies to create this adorable Paper Fish Bowl Craft.  Come on…let’s dive in… You will need: different colors of construction paper for the fish bowl and fish; glue; scissors; crayons; paper plate; and markers.  1.  Draw […]

CELEBRATE: Christmas Activity Plans

CELEBRATE: Create a Joyful Christmas with Simple Activity Plans Make lasting holiday memories with your children and/or students with these wonderful Christmas Activity Plans from hands on: as we grow. Everything you need in one spot for fun this holiday season! These practical activity plans are simple enough to fit in your already hectic schedule. Make this Christmas season your […]

Best Bubble Solutions

We have been doing a lot of experimenting with bubbles lately looking for that “oh so right” bubble solution.  Well, folks…tried and tested by yours truly, CJ, and CG…here are our top winners for the best bubble solutions. #1: 5 cups water, 1/2 cup original Joy dish detergent, 1 tbsp baking powder, 1 teaspoon of glycerine, and 1/2 […]

*NEW BOOK* Learn With Play: 150+ Ideas for Year-round Fun & Learning

Research continues to show that kids learn best through play.  You should know by now, that I am a huge advocate for learning through play.  As a parent and an educator, I do my best to provide as many opportunities as possible for my own kiddos (and other’s children) to learn through play.  Sometimes, I need some […]

Paw Prints Painting Activity

My 5 year old daughter and I had a blast making this Paw Prints Painting Activity.  After reading books on animal tracks, we decided to become nature detectives together.  We started looking for various animal tracks (primarily paw prints) in the backyard and around the neighborhood.  This then led to an indoor activity with paint…hence the Paw […]

Name Practice Using Nature

Kids may not even realize they are practicing their names (letters, words, numbers, etc.) with this fun, outdoor activity. You will need: sticks, pinecones, leaves, moss and a flat surface. 1.  Help your kids collect sticks, pinecones, leaves, moss, etc.  This may be a teachable moment to discuss nature while you are collecting items together.  Talk about […]

Handprint Crab Craft

This handprint crab craft is a fun way to kick-off the summer! You will need: paint, markers, goggly eyes, paper plates, construction paper, and tropical stickers. 1.  Put paint on a paper plate and have your child(ren) put their hands in the paint palms down (Yes…encourage them to get paint on their hands!). 2.  Have them gently […]

Caterpillar Marshmallow Painting

Marshmallows rock to paint with!  They provide sensory and fine motor benefits and honestly…I think they are just plain fun to paint with!  For this activity, you can use marshmallows to paint a caterpillar. You will need: marshmallows (large and/or mini); paper plates; glue; wood craft sticks; toothpicks; scissors; and paint. 1.  Cut a paper plate in […]

Top Picks for STEM Toys

You have probably heard the word “STEM” used frequently at your child’s school or while drinking coffee with your friends during a playdate.  So…what is STEM?  STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education.  STEM integrates the four disciplines into a cohesive learning model that provides hands-on and relevant learning experiences for students.  STEM […]