Camp Mom: Resource for Summer Activities, Tips, and Ideas

Camp Mom is an awesome resource filled with simple and fun activities, tips, and ideas to help make your summer fun and educational with your little ones. My kiddos are big fans of the activities and I am a huge fan of the planners and lists inside the pack. Check it out! Click here   […]

Simple Salt Dough Shark Teeth and Dinosaur Bones Activity

My kiddos LOVED this activity!!  My son wanted to make “a million more shark teeth and dinosaur bones” and my daughter was begging to make guinea pigs, bunnies, puppies, kitties, well… if it breathes and is an animal…she wanted to make it!! We started with a simple salt dough recipe, baked the pieces, let them […]

Paper Plate Shark Visor

My 6 (almost 7!!) year old is fascinated with sharks!  Like completely enthralled with these sea creatures!!  Thank goodness he has been raised on an island where a variety of sharks are in the plenty. He thoroughly enjoyed making this paper plate shark visor.  It was simple enough that he made it independently and it has to […]

Simple Sensory Writing Bag

There are numerous ways to make sensory writing bags.  You can use shaving cream, hair gel, or even water beads to make the sensory experience more authentic.  For this particular sensory writing bag, my kids and I used hair gel. You will need: hair gel; food coloring; Q-tip; duct/masking tape and a large ziplock bag. […]

Treasure Ice Eggs

Treasure Ice Eggs are fairly simple to make and awesome to watch as your little ones discover the “hidden treasure” inside the ice. You will need: small plastic figures (we used these), coins, marbles (also these); water; balloons; freezer; and small tools to chip at the ice. 1.  Stretch the balloon open and insert the small figure, marble, […]

Educational eBooks for Ages 1-Preschoolers

Are you looking for engaging, educational material and ideas geared toward young children? The following eBooks provide educational ideas, lessons, activities and more for children ages one through preschoolers.  Check it out! There are four eBooks of 5 weekly plans of activities each that are perfect for ages one through preschoolers. Fun ways to get the kids moving, […]

Easy Paper Flower Cut-Out Craft

This craft is super easy to prep for and make, while allowing for fine-motor practice and creativity. You will need: craft punches (like these), (these), (and these) or cut-outs of various flowers, petals, stems, leaves, and flower pots; glue; markers; tape; tablecloth; and cardstock. 1.  Using craft punches (or cut-outs), punch out various shapes from cardstock. […]

Sensory Spray Chalk Activity

My kids and I love being outdoors, especially when it involves outdoor learning and activities. Parks, beaches, nature trails, playgrounds…anywhere…as long as we are together! Spray chalk is an awesome outdoor (summer!) activity.  There are many recipes for spray chalk.  This is a generic recipe, so play around with the measurements until you find a consistency […]

Sensory Sorting Activity

Young children act a lot like scientists when they learn through their senses.  Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates young children’s senses: smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste. Sensory activities facilitate exploration and encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, and explore. Spending time stimulating their senses benefits children on multiple levels. You […]

Rainbow of Wishes Craft

This rainbow craft is simple, yet combines rainbows, colors, handwriting skills, fine-motor practice, creative thinking and writing. You will need: construction paper (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, white), glue, scissors, pencil, and black marker. 1.  Trace or draw a shape of a cloud on the white construction paper.  Using scissors, cut it out. […]