When Pigs Fly: Our Therapy Guinea Pig

I have had a number of different animals as pets.  Bunnies, hamsters, cats, dogs, fish…well…a lot of different pets.  But nothing has come as close to my heart, as our pet guinea pig.  Not even the adorable, fluffy, long eared bunnies (all 11 of them!). Our family has been going through a period of great challenge and […]

Name Practice Using Nature

Kids may not even realize they are practicing their names (letters, words, numbers, etc.) with this fun, outdoor activity. You will need: sticks, pinecones, leaves, moss and a flat surface. 1.  Help your kids collect sticks, pinecones, leaves, moss, etc.  This may be a teachable moment to discuss nature while you are collecting items together.  Talk about […]

Handprint Crab Craft

This handprint crab craft is a fun way to kick-off the summer! You will need: paint, markers, goggly eyes, paper plates, construction paper, and tropical stickers. 1.  Put paint on a paper plate and have your child(ren) put their hands in the paint palms down (Yes…encourage them to get paint on their hands!). 2.  Have them gently […]

Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets have been a godsend to us.  I seriously cannot begin to describe how much they have helped us.  I heard about the multiple benefits weighted blankets provide, but it wasn’t until I researched (and researched some more) and then connected with moms who have children with autism who used weighted blankets with their children, that […]

Camp Mom: Resource for Summer Activities, Tips, and Ideas

Camp Mom is an awesome resource filled with simple and fun activities, tips, and ideas to help make your summer fun and educational with your little ones. My kiddos are big fans of the activities and I am a huge fan of the planners and lists inside the pack. Check it out! Click here   […]

Does My Child Have Learning Difficulties?

I recently read the article, Why Is My Smart Child Struggling In School, featured in Mommy Magazine’s March/April publication written by Roxanne Jorgensen.  She reached out to two experts from the Center for Growth and Development: Kate McPhillips, MOT, OTR and Karen West, MS, CCC-SLP.  These ladies have top-notch credentials and years of specialized training, support, and services […]

Creature Numbers Book and Activity

Creature Numbers (Andrew Zuckerman) is a fun book filled with different creatures that you and your little one(s) can practice counting together. 1.  Read the book aloud to your little one(s). 2.  Emphasize the number and the corresponding number of animals on each page. 3.  Have your little one(s) repeat each number and animal. 4. […]

First ABC Book and Activity

My First Touch and Trace First ABC (Tiger Tales) is a good book to use to help your little one(s) develop pre-reading skills and fine-motor practice while tracing the letter shapes. 1.  Show your little one(s) the book.  Point out the colors and letters.  Explain that they will use their fingers to help trace the […]

1, 2, 3 Beach Counting Book and Activity

1, 2, 3 Beach (Puck) is a cute book that incorporates counting and the beach.  There are also helpful conversation starters to use with your little one(s). 1.  While reading the book, emphasize the number and the corresponding objects.  Say the number, have your little one(s) repeat the number, and count the objects together.  You can […]

Alpha Block Book and Activity

Alpha Block (Christopher Franceschelli) is a great book to help your little one(s) learn and practice the alphabet. 1.  Read the book to your child.  While you are reading, emphasize each letter and have your child trace over the letter with their finger. 2.  Encourage them to repeat the letter and then say words that […]