Trials to Triumphs

It’s been awhile since I have posted. I feel as though I have been pulled in a million different directions- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Although it has been an excruciating process, I feel it has helped me better understand who I am.  While I am learning that life is full of ups and downs- trials […]

ASD Strategies To Help: Communication

It is April and with this month brings a public awareness and acceptance of autism.  And with autism comes nonverbal communication disorders and social anxiety. How can a kiddo with social anxiety communicate effectively with others when over 93% of communication takes place on a nonverbal level?  Here are some strategies I am currently using […]

Top Picks: Books To Help Children With Divorce

Divorce is terrible; I would not wish it upon anyone.  The following are my top picks of books to help children with divorce.  I have (and continue) to read and use them with my own children. Some advice with reading these books I share is to:  Always read it first.  For me, this pertains to […]

Top Ten Back To School Tips 2015

Can you believe another summer is winding down?  Where does the time go?!  As many of us prepare to go back to school soon, I wanted to share some tips I have learned to help make the transition back-to-school smoother.  Top 10 Back-to-School Tips include my personal tips and opinions as a parent and an educator […]

*NEW BOOK* Learn With Play: 150+ Ideas for Year-round Fun & Learning

Research continues to show that kids learn best through play.  You should know by now, that I am a huge advocate for learning through play.  As a parent and an educator, I do my best to provide as many opportunities as possible for my own kiddos (and other’s children) to learn through play.  Sometimes, I need some […]

Art Museums Aren’t Just For Adults!

Yes, I bring my young children (one having autism) to the art museum.  Am I crazy…maybe, but I am an advocate that children should experience life as much as possible, even if that means my two young, full of life (and energy!!) kiddos brush shoulders with “the more mature folks” at a quiet, sophisticated art museum. […]

When Pigs Fly: Our Therapy Guinea Pig

I have had a number of different animals as pets.  Bunnies, hamsters, cats, dogs, fish…well…a lot of different pets.  But nothing has come as close to my heart, as our pet guinea pig.  Not even the adorable, fluffy, long eared bunnies (all 11 of them!). Our family has been going through a period of great challenge and […]

Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets have been a godsend to us.  I seriously cannot begin to describe how much they have helped us.  I heard about the multiple benefits weighted blankets provide, but it wasn’t until I researched (and researched some more) and then connected with moms who have children with autism who used weighted blankets with their children, that […]

National Water Safety Month

In recognition of National Water Safety Month, I wanted to share some ways from Pool Safely to be safe around pools and spas: Learn how to swim Swim with a buddy Make sure a lifeguard or adult is watching Stay away from drains and outlets Learn water safety skills If someone needs help, throw them […]

Healthy Energy with Vitamins and Supplements

I wish I could have half the energy that my kiddos’ do!  Seriously, if someone could bottle up children’s energy and sell it, they would be—well, mega-rich! Recently, a friend shared with me some products that she uses for her health and energy.  At first, I was skeptical.  There are SO many products out there […]