Name Practice Using Nature

Kids may not even realize they are practicing their names (letters, words, numbers, etc.) with this fun, outdoor activity. You will need: sticks, pinecones, leaves, moss and a flat surface. 1.  Help your kids collect sticks, pinecones, leaves, moss, etc.  This may be a teachable moment to discuss nature while you are collecting items together.  Talk about […]

Simple Pasta Name Craft

This simple craft allows for fine-motor practice along with sensory play while using just a few basic supplies. Here are 5 reasons why sensory play is beneficial: Research shows that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which lead to the child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive […]

A is for Alligator

This simple craft allows itself fine-motor practice while focusing on the letter “a.” You will need: clothespin, eyes, green and red markers, glue, and green pipe cleaners. 1.  Using the green marker, color the clothespin green (everywhere except the mouth).  Then using the red marker, color the mouth red. 2.  Glue eyeballs on the top […]

Word Search Spelling Puzzle

I feel as though I am constantly racking my brain to come up with fun ways for my kiddos to practice their spelling words.  A quick, simple, and free solution…!  Simply select the layout of your desired word search, plug in the spelling words (high-frequency words, sight words, etc.), print, and voila…fun and educational spelling […]

Spelling Words Heart Game

CJ’s spelling words have to do with Valentine’s Day this week, so we decided to add to the festivities with a heart “game” to practice the spelling words. You will need: cardstock, pen, sticky notes, scissors, and spelling list of words. 1.  Make each player a heart from cardstock. 2.  Write each spelling word on […]

M is for Marshmallow

Need a sweet way to practice the letter, “m?”  Then use marshmallows!  This is great fine-motor practice along with facilitating letter recognition.  Simply use marshmallows (we used mini) to make the shape of an “m.”  You can also use toothpicks for variety and practice.

First ABC Book and Activity

My First Touch and Trace First ABC (Tiger Tales) is a good book to use to help your little one(s) develop pre-reading skills and fine-motor practice while tracing the letter shapes. 1.  Show your little one(s) the book.  Point out the colors and letters.  Explain that they will use their fingers to help trace the […]

Alpha Block Book and Activity

Alpha Block (Christopher Franceschelli) is a great book to help your little one(s) learn and practice the alphabet. 1.  Read the book to your child.  While you are reading, emphasize each letter and have your child trace over the letter with their finger. 2.  Encourage them to repeat the letter and then say words that […]

Cardboard Tube Spelling Game

This is an easy game to help your kid(s) practice their spelling words. You will need: list of spelling words, markers, scissors, cardboard tube (paper towel roll), dowel (stick, rod, etc.). 1.  Cut the cardboard tube into seperate sections. 2.  Using markers, write each letter of the words on the seperate sections of the tube […]