Trials to Triumphs

It’s been awhile since I have posted. I feel as though I have been pulled in a million different directions- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Although it has been an excruciating process, I feel it has helped me better understand who I am.  While I am learning that life is full of ups and downs- trials […]

ASD Strategies To Help: Communication

It is April and with this month brings a public awareness and acceptance of autism.  And with autism comes nonverbal communication disorders and social anxiety. How can a kiddo with social anxiety communicate effectively with others when over 93% of communication takes place on a nonverbal level?  Here are some strategies I am currently using […]

Finding Light at the End of the Tunnel: JOY is Possible

I am beginning to enjoy my life as a single mom.  Did I just write that?! “Miss–I have dreamt about being a wife and mommy since I was a little girl?” Yes and yes!  I now enjoy my life as a single mom. In the beginning of this journey, I focused on the negatives.  And […]

3 Reasons to Keep Your Co-Parenting Situation Friendly

3 Reasons to Keep Your Co-Parenting Situation Friendly When you took your vows you thought it was forever. But, for whatever reason you were wrong. No matter who is to blame for whatever took place that put the final nail in the coffin of your marriage, if you and your ex-spouse have children, you will […]

Gratitude Journals

Thanksgiving has come and gone…on the calendar that is.  But why can’t we put the simple principles of this holiday into practice on a daily basis?  Why can’t we prioritize instilling a grateful heart in our children, students, even ourselves?! I have started a “Gratitude Journal” with each of my children.  This is a place they […]

Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening: Encouragement Despite Life’s Trials

Why do bad things happen to good people?  We have all heard this question and have most likely asked it many times ourselves.  How do you explain why bad things happen to good people?  Recently I have found myself in this quandary especially when friends and even acquaintances ask about our terrible divorce.  People cannot fathom this […]

My Top 5 Stress-Busting Tips

Life.  Life isn’t always easy or fair.  Recently I have been learning to accept that life doesn’t go according to our plans.  As much as we may try to plan and organize our life; life seems to just find a way to happen.  Along with this comes stress and worry.  Believe me, I have had […]

Put On Your Big Girl Panties- You Got This!

I have gone through life wearing rose-colored glasses and living in a “Disney-filled dream” until like a flash of lighting, everything changed.  My whole world-everything I had dreamed of since I was a little girl was gone.  Husband I thought would grow old by my side…gone.  Trust and marriage vows…gone.  Christian family with mom and dad married […]

Top Picks: Books To Help Children With Divorce

Divorce is terrible; I would not wish it upon anyone.  The following are my top picks of books to help children with divorce.  I have (and continue) to read and use them with my own children. Some advice with reading these books I share is to:  Always read it first.  For me, this pertains to […]

Ways to Help Your Children Cope with Divorce

Just when you think you can’t hurt much more from your divorce, you think about how your kids are feeling about the divorce and your world comes crashing down even more.  Thankfully, there are counselors to help, therapists to talk with, books that offer advice, and support groups to be there for you and your family […]