Simple Clay Snowman

clay snowman

My kiddos made this adorable snowman (or snow woman…don’t want to offend any snow folks out there…) from clay.  You can make Frosty too with just a few supplies and a little imagination.

You will need: clay, pipe cleaners, glitter, liquid glue, scissors, cardboard square (or card stock) and permanent markers.

  1.  Shape the snowman body from clay (fine motor practice folks!).
  2. Glue the snowman to the cardboard (or card stock)
  3. Make arms and a nose from pipe cleaners (cut to desired shape and size)
  4. Decorate the snowman using permanent marker for the eyes, mouth, buttons, etc.  You can use clay to make a scarf, as well.
  5. Drizzle liquid glue on and around the snowman and top with glitter.
  6. Allow to dry.

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