Snow Globe Craft


DIY snow globes are fun to make and personalize.  They also provide calming benefits to many children (and adults!).

You will need: jar and lid, spoon, glitter, sequins, small toy (Superman!), hot glue gun, hot gun glue sticks, and glycerin.

1.  Using the glue gun, glue a small toy or figure to the underside of the jar lid.

2. Fill the jar almost full with cold water.

3. Stir in glitter and sequins and gently mix with a spoon.

4.  Add a few drops of glycerin to the water and gently mix.

5.  Screw the lid of the jar (with the toy glued on) back onto the jar filled with the water, sequins, glycerin, and glitter mixture.

6. Gently shake your snow globe and watch it “come to life!”


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