Simple Sticker Counting Book

Make this personalized Simple Sticker Counting Book for your little learner out of materials around your house or classroom.  This activity can be easily modified to fit a vast group of learners amongst different ages and/or abilities.*  It can also be personalized to fit your little learner’s current interests to help with eagerness and active participation. You […]

Creature Numbers Book and Activity

Creature Numbers (Andrew Zuckerman) is a fun book filled with different creatures that you and your little one(s) can practice counting together. 1.  Read the book aloud to your little one(s). 2.  Emphasize the number and the corresponding number of animals on each page. 3.  Have your little one(s) repeat each number and animal. 4. […]

1, 2, 3 Beach Counting Book and Activity

1, 2, 3 Beach (Puck) is a cute book that incorporates counting and the beach.  There are also helpful conversation starters to use with your little one(s). 1.  While reading the book, emphasize the number and the corresponding objects.  Say the number, have your little one(s) repeat the number, and count the objects together.  You can […]

Numbers Jellyfish

This is a cute craft that incorporates numbers and sea life.  The majority of the craft is excellent fine-motor practice for your little one. You will need: construction paper (your choice of colors for the jellyfish body, tentacles, and background), glue, scissors, markers, sequence (small jewels, stickers, etc.) and eyes. 1.  Draw a jellyfish body […]