Easy Olaf Craft

This is an easy way for your little one(s) to make an Olaf buddy. You will need: 2 clear, plastic cups; white construction paper; orange construction paper; glue; scissors; a black pen or black marker; and black pipe cleaners (optional: glue gun). 1.  Cut 1-2 black pipe cleaners into small pieces and glue on top […]

Paper Plate Clock

This craft can be used amongst various ages with some tweaking. You will need: 2 paper plates per child, pencil, markers, (minimum 2 different colors) fastener, scissors, and a sheet of paper. 1.  In pencil, write the numbers 1-12 as displayed on a clock; seperate each number with a line on either side of the […]

J is for Jaguar

This is a super cute and easy way to practice the letter “j.”  After a read aloud on jaguars, I reinforced the letter “j” and its corresponding sound.  I then had my kiddos decorate the letter “j” in the shape of a jaguar. You will need: construction paper, scissors, pencil, crayons, and markers. 1.  Using […]

Simple Snail Craft

These snails are fun and simple to make. You will need: large pasta shells, Play-Doh (or clay), couple small sticks, and markers. 1.  Decorate the shell using markers. 2.  Mold the Play-Doh in the shape of a snail. 3.  Gently place the pasta shell on the Play-Doh. 4.  Make eyes and tentacles (most people call […]