Painting With Pipe Cleaners: A Simple Fine Motor Activity

Painting is one of my daughter’s favorite activities.  So we paint a lot around here, to say the least.  We are always finding new objects to paint with and different paint techniques to use.  My daughter wanted to try using pipe cleaners to make paint prints with; so we did.  Not only was it fun, […]

Purposeful Painting

Painting can be beneficial on so many levels for both children and adults.  Not only does it offer fine motor practice, it also provides relaxation, amongst other benefits.  Don’t limit your children (or yourself!) to only using paint brushes and paper; think outside of the box and be creative with your choice of media to use […]

Painting with Bubbles

There are many ways to paint with bubbles.  The following is a basic technique, but you can vary it.  For example, you can use a large tray of bubbles to cover the whole sheet. Alternatively, you can use several small bowls of different colored bubbles and print them one at a time on the same page to create […]

Painting With Marshmallows Activity

Have you ever painted with marshmallows?  If not, you have to try it!  It is so much fun and offers multiple educational benefits. You will need: marshmallows (large and/or mini); paper (we used this); paper plates; paint (we used these); and toothpicks (optional). 1.  Squirt paint into small piles onto the paper plates. 2.  Place marshmallows […]

Rock Painting

Both kiddos enjoy painting now.  Although it was not always that way with CJ.  He used to have meltdowns if he got paint on himself or came in contact with the paint.  Through sensory integration (and a lot of patience!) he now enjoys painting and even likes getting messy with the paint! You will need: […]