Painting With Pipe Cleaners: A Simple Fine Motor Activity

Painting is one of my daughter’s favorite activities.  So we paint a lot around here, to say the least.  We are always finding new objects to paint with and different paint techniques to use.  My daughter wanted to try using pipe cleaners to make paint prints with; so we did.  Not only was it fun, […]

Easy DIY Bracelet Made From Pipe Cleaners

Make these Easy DIY Bracelets using pipe cleaners and a roll of masking tape. Your kiddos will enjoy making these colorful creations and proudly wear them with their favorite outfits. You will need: masking tape (tape and empty roll); pipe cleaners; stickers; and embellishments (beads, etc.). 1.  Using an empty masking tape roll, start wrapping various colored pipe cleaners around the roll. 2. […]