Simple Sensory Writing Bag

There are numerous ways to make sensory writing bags.  You can use shaving cream, hair gel, or even water beads to make the sensory experience more authentic.  For this particular sensory writing bag, my kids and I used hair gel. You will need: hair gel; food coloring; Q-tip; duct/masking tape and a large ziplock bag. […]

Treasure Ice Eggs

Treasure Ice Eggs are fairly simple to make and awesome to watch as your little ones discover the “hidden treasure” inside the ice. You will need: small plastic figures (we used these), coins, marbles (also these); water; balloons; freezer; and small tools to chip at the ice. 1.  Stretch the balloon open and insert the small figure, marble, […]

Painting With Marshmallows Activity

Have you ever painted with marshmallows?  If not, you have to try it!  It is so much fun and offers multiple educational benefits. You will need: marshmallows (large and/or mini); paper (we used this); paper plates; paint (we used these); and toothpicks (optional). 1.  Squirt paint into small piles onto the paper plates. 2.  Place marshmallows […]

Sensory Sea Star

  Did you know that sea stars (starfish) have many arms, but no legs?  Most sea stars have five arms, but some have more than 50 arms!  This activity has excellent sensory benefits and is a lot of fun! You will need: sand, glue, brush, scissors, cardboard, markers, sea shells, and a pencil. 1.  Have […]

Plaster Handprint Activity

Plaster can be used for so many fun, sensory activities.  You can either use store-bought plaster or make your own. You will need (for homemade plaster handprint): salt, water, measuring cups, flour, bowl, spoons, aluminum foil, paint, paintbrushes, paper plates, and cake pan. 1.  Boil 2 1/2 cups of water, then add 2 cups of […]

Sensory Walk

Go on a Sensory Walk with your child(ren).  Go to a local park or playground.  Or simply walk around your backyard.  Point out various colors, shapes, smells, textures.  Ask questions.  Encourage them that there are no wrong answers to these types of questions.  Listen to your child(ren) and their response to nature.  

Planting Seeds

Gardening is such a therapeutic activity for most children.  Planting seeds is a great way that allows for fine-motor practice and provides many sensory benefits. You will need: a bucket filled with soil, multiple small containers, shovel, and seeds. 1.  Have your child(ren) use their shovel to scoop the soil and put it into the smaller […]