Top Picks: Books To Help Children With Divorce

books to help children with divorce

Divorce is terrible; I would not wish it upon anyone.  The following are my top picks of books to help children with divorce.  I have (and continue) to read and use them with my own children.

Some advice with reading these books I share is to:

  1.  Always read it first.  For me, this pertains to books, movies, video games, etc.  Do your homework and make sure you find the material appropriate for your children.
  2. Choose appropriate timing.  You know your children better than anyone.  Choose a time that you won’t feel rushed or cause added anxiety in your children such as before an event or bedtime.
  3. Ask questions.  This is an excellent time to use the characters in the story to parallel what may be going on currently in your children’s lives.  “How do you think so and so felt when their parents got divorced?”  “Did you feel that way?”
  4. Discuss and share.  If your children are open to it, openly discuss their feelings.  Try to listen as much as possible.  Most likely, they aren’t looking for advice or answers; they are probably looking for you to listen.
  5. Offer validation.  Remind your children that the divorce was not caused by them or anything they did.  Validate their feelings.  Offer love, respect, and compassion.
  6. Reassure your children that you are always there for them.  Encourage them and remind them that you are on their side and are always available to talk and/or listen to them.

Click on the image below for more resources and programs to help with divorce.


It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear (Vicki Lansky)

Two Homes (Claire Masurel, Kady MacDonald Denton)

Divorce Is the Worst (Anastasia Higginbotham)

Was It the Chocolate Pudding? (Sandra Levins)

Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families (Marc Brown, Laurene Krasny Brown)


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