Animal House Shoebox Craft


Creativity.  It is important to foster in our children.  Let your children’s creative juices flow, as they create this shoebox animal house for their favorite stuffed friends.

You will need: empty shoe box, markers, stickers, tape, clothespins, glue, and embellishments (jewels, sequins, glitter glue, feathers, etc.)


1.  Set-out a shoebox along with markers and other supplies.

2.  Encourage your children to be creative and create a personalized animal house from a shoebox. If they need a little help you can assist them by offering ideas…Put clothespins around the shoebox to make a fence for their stuffed friends.  They can make a yard with green paint and a swimming pool with blue paint.  Make a playground or play area, include a dog/animal park.  They can also make a food bowl and water bowl.  Remind them that there are no mistakes!  Have fun and be creative!!

3.  Allow to dry.

4.  Have a house warming party for your children’s favorite stuffed friends!!

welcomehome spot

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14 thoughts on “Animal House Shoebox Craft

  1. Thanks for the cute idea! My son has been insistent on building animal homes lately… I’m looking forward to showing him this when I get home from work!

  2. This is a great idea. I love to find things for the kids to use in their “creative” modes, and I usually let them create their own thing. Thanks for sharing with us at Funtastic Friday. Please join us again this week.

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