Cardboard Tube Spelling Game


This is an easy game to help your kid(s) practice their spelling words.

You will need: list of spelling words, markers, scissors, cardboard tube (paper towel roll), dowel (stick, rod, etc.).

1.  Cut the cardboard tube into seperate sections.

2.  Using markers, write each letter of the words on the seperate sections of the tube (I use 1 color per section to help my kids visually).

3.  Place the seperate sections on a dowel (stick, rod, etc.).

4.  Call out a spelling word to have your little guy or gal practice using their new cardboard tube to correctly spell the words.

5.  My little guy likes to start with nothing on the dowel and then adds the letters as needed.  On the other hand, my little gal prefers to keep the seperate sections on the dowel and simply turn to find the correct letters.  It’s your kiddo’s preference how they do it.

6.  Happy spelling!


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