CELEBRATE: Christmas Activity Plans

CELEBRATE: Create a Joyful Christmas with Simple Activity Plans Make lasting holiday memories with your children and/or students with these wonderful Christmas Activity Plans from hands on: as we grow. Everything you need in one spot for fun this holiday season! These practical activity plans are simple enough to fit in your already hectic schedule. Make this Christmas season your […]

How To Teach Your Child To Ride a Bike

Learning to ride a bicycle is one of life’s big milestones.  It is a rite-of-passage, exciting yet potentially frightening at the same time. There’s no set age for taking off on two wheels, but usually most children have enough balance and coordination by 4-6 years old to learn how to ride a bicycle with two wheels.  Here […]

Exercise: It’s Not Just For Adults

Exercise.  It is a controversial word for some of us, isn’t it?  Some people love it, some people don’t.  Some people dread it’s everyday existence on our planet.  Regardless, for most of us, it’s a good thing to do and teach our children to do.  I have been trying to exercise more with my kiddos.  I […]