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change your focus

Focus.  Webster defines the word ‘focus’ as: “a subject that is being discussed or studied; the subject on which people’s attention is focused.”  So I ask you this question, what or who are you focused on?

If you were given a blank white sheet of paper with a small, black dot in the center of the paper, what would you focus on?  Most of us would focus on the small, black dot; while just a few of us would focus on the blank, white sheet of paper.  In other words, most of us would limit our focus to the small, black dot instead of allowing our minds to focus on the beauty of the blank, white sheet of paper.  We need to learn to focus on the positive, not the negative.

I have spent time recently focusing on well… my focus.  I have noticed that a lot of my energy has gone into negative thinking (aka focusing on the small, black dot).  “Poor me, why me, how did this happen, etc.”  That’s not me and that’s not what God intends for me.

I have made a commitment to stop negative thinking and thoughts when they enter my mind.  I know it sounds easier than it is, but I am going to give it my best.  I am also going to focus on healing.  Healing from this terribly tragic divorce I have recently gone through.  Healing from the pain, anger, confusion, hurt, and bitterness it has caused inside my heart.  Bitterness toward people I thought were close friends and come to find out, were not.  Resentment toward others who could have helped, but chose not to.  The most excruciating pain caused by lies.  I will let these go.  I will change my focus and better my life.

Have you been focusing on the negatives?  If so, would you please join me and train your brain also?  If you are a believer, pray for strength.  Pray that anytime negativity overtakes your mind, that God would help you regain control.  The world is already full of negatives, let’s be the change and focus on the positive!  We can do it together!


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