Character Pumpkins

character pumpkins

Are you looking for a fun way to add some fall festivities into your child’s reading and learning?  Add a Character Pumpkin!  Have your child (or students) read a book, decide the character they are going to decorate, and then have fun making a Character Pumpkin.

1.  Read your selected book and discuss (We chose the book, Ratatouille).

2.  Decide on a character (“Remy, the gourmet chef”).

3.  Make your Character Pumpkin.  Be creative and have fun! (We used a plastic snake for his tail, sticks and construction paper for his nose, felt for his eyebrows, and a folded white sheet of construction paper for his hat).

4.  Share your Character Pumpkin with your family and friends.  Encourage your child to talk about his/her Character Pumpkin and why they choose that particular book and character.  This is an excellent way to encourage oral reports and public speaking.  Even if your child gives their report to their pet dog! 🙂

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