Easter Egg Chick Craft

Easter Egg Chick Craft

This chick is adorable and simple to make!

You will need: plastic egg, goggly eyes, colored pom pom ball, feathers, glue, construction paper, and scissors.

1.  Have your helper cut a beak for the chick out of construction paper (fold the construction paper and cut a small triangle).  Glue the beak onto the chick.

2.  Glue the googly eyes onto the chick.

3.  Glue the feathers (and any other embellishments) onto the chick.

4.  Allow to dry.

5.  Once dry, put your new little friend inside the plastic egg.

6.  Read books, discuss, and review chicks with your child(ren).  If they are anything like my kiddos, they will want to learn everything they can about their new little friend.

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