EASY GFCF Treat Kids Will LOVE


My kiddos and I like to experiment.  Most days, we experiment with arts and crafts and various educational activities.  However, today, we experimented with food!  And yes, the end results are edible and delicious (not to mention gluten-free and dairy-free so my kiddos can enjoy eating them also)!!

You will need: craft sticks, almond milk yogurts (or your choice of yogurts), mold tray, spoon, cookie tray, and a freezer.


1.  Have your little sous-chef, choose a mold tray for this tasty creation.  CG chose daisies.

2.  Using a spoon, have them fill the molds with their creation of yogurts (fine-motor practice for your little sous-chef).  CG was going for an “Oreo-mix” with both chocolate and vanilla.  Encourage them to be creative and make it however they would like.


3.  After tasting their creation and licking the spoons, have them put craft sticks in each mold.

4.  Put the mold tray onto a cookie tray for additional support.  Place in the freezer for several hours.

5.  Once frozen, gently pop out the GFCF sweet treat and enjoy!!

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5 thoughts on “EASY GFCF Treat Kids Will LOVE

  1. I hopped over from Bloggers Brag to see this wonderful healthy treat for kids to make. I used to be a preschool teacher and I used food preparation as a learning tool quite often. I’m Pinning and sharing.

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