Easy Olaf Craft


This is an easy way for your little one(s) to make an Olaf buddy.

You will need: 2 clear, plastic cups; white construction paper; orange construction paper; glue; scissors; a black pen or black marker; and black pipe cleaners (optional: glue gun).

1.  Cut 1-2 black pipe cleaners into small pieces and glue on top of 1st cup (your choice of liquid glue or glue gun).

2.  Cut two eyes and a mouth out of white construction paper.   Cut a nose out of the orange construction paper.  Depending on your child(ren)’s ability, they can do this step.

3.  Using the black pen or markers, decorate the eyes and mouth.  My CG made an outline of a tooth and then filled in the rest of the mouth black so only the white construction paper stood out for the tooth.

4.  Glue on the eyes, nose, and mouth.

5.  Allow to dry before playing with Olaf (maybe sing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” one or one hundred times! while Olaf dries).


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