Easy Valentine’s Day Butterfly Craft

Valentine's Day Butterfly Craft

I simply laid out a few supplies and my five year old created this adorable Valentine’s Day Butterfly Craft. My favorite part of this craft is that SHE created it completely on her own; no instructions, no guidance, nothing!


You will need: heart shapes (various sizes); feathers, paper, glue, crayons or markers, scissors, pipe cleaners, beads (really…anything craft related that can be used by your youngster, especially if it is Valentine’s Day-related).

  1.  Decorate one large heart using feathers and other embellishments.
  2. Cut a medium-size heart and glue on both sides of large heart (for the wings).
  3. Make antennae from a pipe cleaner (you can put beads on the ends of the pipe cleaners for extra decoration).  Tape pipe cleaner to back of butterfly.
  4. Encourage your youngster to continue adding embellishments and other butterfly friends to their new creation.


       5. Display for lots of praise and positive reinforcement.

Valentine's Day Butterfly Craft2

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