Fan Fish Craft


Any craft, lesson, or activity that has to do with fish is always a big hit with my kiddos!!  This craft is fun to make and gives little hands a variety of fine-motor practice.

You will need: construction paper, goggly eye, yarn, stapler, glue, scissors, and tape.

1.  Cut a sheet of construction paper into thirds “hot dog style” (long way).

2.  Cut one of the three sections into the shape of a fish’s tail.  Fold the other two sections like an accordion/fan (long way).  Staple the middle of both fan sections (fans should look like butterfly wings at this point).

3.  Then tape or glue the two fan sections together in the center.  Add the tail by gluing or taping in between the fan sections on either end.  Make the fans into a circular shape by gluing the bottom section of the fan together.  Do the same to the top fan section.

4.  Glue the goggly eye on the top.

5.  Staple a piece of yarn to the top of the fish in order to hang your little fishy.

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