Feeding Butterflies


Have you or your child(ren) ever fed butterflies?  If not, it is a lot of fun!  After teaching my kiddos a lesson on butterflies, we went on a nature walk and fed butterflies together.

You will need: a small bowl, Gatorade (or sports drink), sugar, Q-tips, small lid of a jar or cap, soy sauce (optional).

1.  Mix 3 ounces of Gatorade (or sports drink) and 1 teaspoon of sugar in a bowl (optional: add a few drops of soy sauce).

2. Put a small amount of the mixture into a small lid of a jar or cap.

3. Dip a Q-tip into the mixture.

4. Gently place the Q-tip on the butterfly’s feet so that they can taste it.  Some butterflies will simply land on the Q-tip and begin drinking the mixture.

5. Enjoy watching your child(ren) experience feeding butterflies!




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