First ABC Book and Activity

imageMy First Touch and Trace First ABC (Tiger Tales) is a good book to use to help your little one(s) develop pre-reading skills and fine-motor practice while tracing the letter shapes.

1.  Show your little one(s) the book.  Point out the colors and letters.  Explain that they will use their fingers to help trace the letters on the pages.

2.  Read the book one page at a time.  Focus on the letter on that particular page.  Say the letter while pointing to it.

3.  Read the example below the letter (Aa is for Apple).  Life the flap and read the example under the flap (Aa is for alligator).

4.  Have your little one(s) trace the letter while saying the letter name (trace the letter Aa while saying “a”).

5.  Discuss other words that begin with each letter.

6.  End by reviewing each letter, letter sounds, and sing the ABC’s together.

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