Getting Ready for Kindergarten Checklist


Last night was a big night for us!  It was the Kindergarten Round-Up for the school that my daughter, CG, will be attending in the fall.  That got me thinking about various checklists to make sure she will be ready for kindergarten in the fall.

Lakeshore Learning Store offers a practical guide for parents that includes a checklist of what your child should know/do when entering kindergarten.  Please remember this is only a guide and not a mandatory, required list.  It is somewhere to start.  It includes:
-Attempt to tie his/her shoes
-Begin to hold a pencil correctly
-Catch a large ball with both hands
-Recognize and name most uppercase and lowercase letters
-Produce the correct sound for 10-20 letters
-Recognize his/her name in print
-Retell simple stories in proper sequence (The Three Little Pigs)
-Identify simple rhymes (cat and hat)
-Recognize and name numerals 1-10
-Count up to 10 objects using one-to-one correspondence (count one object per number)
-Use like objects measure and compare lengths (measure objects using cubes or links)
-Understand the use of ordinal numbers (first, second and third)
-Understand general time concepts (yesterday, today, tomorrow and last week)

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