Marshmallow Igloo


Did you know that the word igloo means “snow house?” Igloos can be made out of various objects, but the sweetest igloo my kiddos and I have made…is out of marshmallows!

You will need: big marshmallows, mini marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and a paper plate (circular).

1. Put the first layer of mini marshmallows around the paper plate.

2. Use the pretzel sticks to attach a second row of mini marshmallows on top of the first layer of marshmallows (tip: break the pretzel sticks in half and press into the bottom of the marshmallows).  Push the next marshmallow onto the other side of the pretzel stick.

3.  Continue to build this way, staggering the marshmallows as you build upwards, moving each row in toward the center of the igloo.

4. Fill in the top of the igloo with marshmallows. Place a big marshmallow to the front at the bottom of the igloo for the entrance.

5. You can even add a flag at the top of the igloo by using a toothpick with a triangular sheet of paper glued to it.  Also, frosting and/or peanut butter can be used to hold the marshmallows, as well. Happy igloo building!

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