National Water Safety Month


In recognition of National Water Safety Month, I wanted to share some ways from Pool Safely to be safe around pools and spas:

  • Learn how to swim
  • Swim with a buddy
  • Make sure a lifeguard or adult is watching
  • Stay away from drains and outlets
  • Learn water safety skills
  • If someone needs help, throw them a life ring or noodle and call an adult

Drowning is Preventable! Take the designated Water Watcher oath from Pool Safely:

  • I will watch the children in the pool and never leave them unattended.
  • I will regularly scan the bottom of the pool.
  • I will avoid poolside chats and talking on the phone.
  • I will keep a phone at the pool for emergency use only and know the address of the pool I am guarding.
  • I will call 911 and follow advice to administer CPR if necessary.
  • I will locate and learn to use all pool safety equipment.

The #1 water safety tip I have learned (and taught!) is to learn to float before you learn to swim!

Josh The Baby Otter: A tale promoting water safety for children (Blake Collingsworth) is a useful tool to help educate our children that “water is fun when we are all together.”  It can be purchased from Amazon.

Many local organizations (YMCA, Florida Pool Pro, Sarasota Swim Academy, etc.) offer swimming lessons for FREE or very little cost.

We CAN work together to help keep ALL of our children safe!


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