Numbers Jellyfish


This is a cute craft that incorporates numbers and sea life.  The majority of the craft is excellent fine-motor practice for your little one.

You will need: construction paper (your choice of colors for the jellyfish body, tentacles, and background), glue, scissors, markers, sequence (small jewels, stickers, etc.) and eyes.

1.  Draw a jellyfish body on construction paper.  Write numbers at the bottom of the body.  Cut-out the jellyfish body.  Glue jellyfish body to background paper.  Cut strips of construction paper for the tentacles.

2.  Have your kiddo glue on the eyes and draw a mouth on the jellyfish body.

3.  Glue the tentacles to the jellyfish’s body.  Have your kiddo glue the corresponding number of objects (jewels, stickers, etc.) on each tentacle.  Let dry.

4.  Once dry, glue the tentacles to the correct number above each tentacle.  Have your little one say the corresponding number one at a time and then count in order from 1-6 (or however many numbers you made).

5.  Have fun playing and practicing counting with your numbers jellyfish!


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