Painting with Bubbles

painting with bubbles

There are many ways to paint with bubbles.  The following is a basic technique, but you can vary it.  For example, you can use a large tray of bubbles to cover the whole sheet. Alternatively, you can use several small bowls of different colored bubbles and print them one at a time on the same page to create multi-color bubbles.  Play around with the ratio of paint, dish soap, and water until you find a result you like for you and your children.  Most importantly, have fun, be creative, and learn together!

You will need: liquid tempera paint; water; small bowls; liquid dish soap; paper; and straws.

1.  Pour 2 tablespoons paint, 2 tablespoons liquid dish soap, and 1 tablespoon water into a small bowl.

2.  Insert straw into bowl and blow (I reinforced with my kiddos to blow OUT with the straw, NOT IN) to create lots of bubbles.  You can also pierce a hole near the top of the straw to help prevent your child(ren) from sucking paint into their mouth.

3.  Gently place the paper over the bubbles to take a print from them and remove.

5.  Allow to dry.


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21 thoughts on “Painting with Bubbles

  1. My kids love to bubble paint and it is our go to activity when they are getting bored as it always gets them giggling! Thanks for linking to #familyfrugallinky

  2. Lucas says – I love this idea and I would rather like winding the Mother up by pretending to suck up the paint!!!!! he he 🙂
    The Mother says – We run a weekly linky every Wednesday called Mini Creations which runs until the following Tuesday. We’d love for you to link up 🙂

  3. That turned out so pretty, I will have to try that. I will pin it to my grandparents resources board. Thanks for sharing on #HomeMattersParty

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