Painting With Pipe Cleaners: A Simple Fine Motor Activity

painting with pipe cleaners

Painting is one of my daughter’s favorite activities.  So we paint a lot around here, to say the least.  We are always finding new objects to paint with and different paint techniques to use.  My daughter wanted to try using pipe cleaners to make paint prints with; so we did.  Not only was it fun, it offered fine motor practice for these 5 year old hands!

You will need: pipe cleaners, paper, paint, paper plate and tray (for easy clean up).

  1.  Shape the pipe cleaners into desired shapes.
  2. Pour piles of paint on paper plate.
  3. Dip shaped pipe cleaners into paint.
  4. Press pipe cleaners firmly onto paper to create prints.
  5. Repeat with other shapes.
  6. Allow to dry.




Click on the images below to purchase some of the supplies we used for this project.  Thank you for your support.

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