Paper Fish Bowl Craft

fish bowl craft

Get your kiddos and go on an underwater adventure with this fun craft!  You only need a few household supplies to create this adorable Paper Fish Bowl Craft.  Come on…let’s dive in…

You will need: different colors of construction paper for the fish bowl and fish; glue; scissors; crayons; paper plate; and markers.


 1.  Draw and cut out a simple fish bowl shape on construction paper.

2.  Trace around the paper plate to make the circle inside of the fish bowl.


     3.  Using crayons, add details (such as coral, fish house, algae, gravel, etc.) inside of your fish bowl.


     4.  Draw and cut out fish shapes on construction paper.  Glue fish shapes onto fish bowl. Add details  (such as gills, fins, etc.) to the fish.

     5.  Add some circles for bubbles and any other embellishments your undersea adventurer may want in  their fish bowl.


     6.  Display to enjoy this adorable, easy to clean fish bowl! 🙂

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