Paper Plate Clock


This craft can be used amongst various ages with some tweaking.

You will need: 2 paper plates per child, pencil, markers, (minimum 2 different colors) fastener, scissors, and a sheet of paper.

1.  In pencil, write the numbers 1-12 as displayed on a clock; seperate each number with a line on either side of the number.

2.  Have your child(ren) trace over each number in marker (same color).

3.  In marker, have your child(ren) trace over the lines on either sides of the numbers in a different color than they used for the numbers.

4.  Cut on the lines on either sides of the numbers (this is great fine-motor practice for your little ones).

5.  Place the 2nd paper plate underneath the paper plate you have been working on.

6.  In pencil, write the numbers 00-55 (counting by 5’s) to represent the minutes under each coordinating number on the 2nd paper plate.

7.  Draw a small arrow and medium-size arrow on a sheet of paper.  Write the word “hour” on the small arrow.  Write the word “minute” on the medium-size arrow.  Cut out both arrows.

8.  Make a small hole in the center of both plates and secure the fastener on top of the hour and minute hands.

9.  Practice telling time!





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