Paper Plate Shark Visor

shark visor

My 6 (almost 7!!) year old is fascinated with sharks!  Like completely enthralled with these sea creatures!!  Thank goodness he has been raised on an island where a variety of sharks are in the plenty.

He thoroughly enjoyed making this paper plate shark visor.  It was simple enough that he made it independently and it has to do with sharks…what could be better for him?!

You will need: paper plate, scissors, hole puncher, yarn, markers, glue, and construction paper.

1.  Cut a paper plate in half.

2.  Using the construction paper, cut small triangles for the teeth.

3.  Decorate the top of the paper plate (shark’s face) with markers (crayons, colored pencils, etc.).

4.  Glue the small triangles (shark’s teeth) on the bottom of the paper plate.

5.  Punch 2 holes at the top of the plate (by the shark’s eyes).

6.  Tie the yarn in both holes large enough to fit around your child’s head.

7.  Have your little one go sport their new, one-of-a-kind paper plate shark visor! Have fin!! 🙂

Some of our personal favorite shark books and toys include:

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