Pet Rock Puppy

pet rock puppy

My kiddos and I were having arts and crafts time earlier today when I asked my five year old what she was creating.  She simply showed me this adorable Pet Rock Puppy and explained to me “her tips” to make it which included: finding light-colored, smooth rocks; using permanent marker before painting the rock; and adding ‘bling’ (aka glitter) to the puppy so it has a special, unique collar.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when my kiddos create and completely take ownership of their projects!

You will need: rock, paints, paintbrush, glitter, glue, and permanent markers.


  1.  Find a rock to turn into your puppy.
  2. Decorate the rock.  Using permanent marker, have your kiddos draw the puppy’s eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.  Encourage your kiddos to be creative and use their imaginations.
  3. Paint the rock.
  4. Allow to dry.  Add glitter, sparkles, and anything else to make your pet rock puppy more personalized and special.
  5. Have your kiddos create a customized birth certificate for their new pet rock puppy (name, DOB, address, etc.).  This encourages creativity, writing practice, and address/phone number recognition.

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