Pre-Writing Practice in Pictures


Pre-writing practice can help children develop the fine-motor skills they will need for handwriting and prepare them to form letters of the alphabet and numbers.

In the picture above, my 4 year old, CG, began by telling me a story about a child seeing a butterfly and flowers.  This turned into an elaborate story filled with examples from nature and even a food chain!  Pre-writing practice, fine-motor practice, vocabulary development, science review, and pre-reading strategies combined into an all-in-one simple activity!

You will need: blank paper, markers, and imagination.

1.  Explain to your creative storyteller that during this activity, they will be telling you a story using their words and by writing.  Tell them that they can draw pictures, letters, numbers, anything that will help them in telling the story.

2.  Allow the creative juices to flow… Have your creative storyteller tell you a story, while drawing pictures, words, etc.  You may need to provide some prompting or ask questions to help with their story process.

3.  Remember, this is their creative story.  There are no wrong answers.  Allow them to be creative, enjoy time with you and learn at the same time!

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