Raising Bilingual Children Today

Kids’ Candor provided you with the samples for my post. All opinions are my own.

Our first Kids’ Candor Bilingual Educational Kit arrived today.  From the moment my kids saw both of their names on the box, they were hooked!  They opened the box to find educational materials, a book, stickers, supplies, puzzle, music CD, and a Mr. Potato Head.


This particular kit focused on the five senses in English and Spanish.  Included in this kit was:

  • Guides: 20 Bilingual Activity Cards
  • Music: Kids’ Candor CD in English and Spanish: The Body and Its Parts
  • Book: My First Spanish Body Board Book by DK Publishing
  • Toys: Mr. Potato Head and KC Body Parts Flashcards
  • Supporting Materials: Dot Stickers, Crayons and Streamer Roll
  • Print outs: Body Parts and Clothing, Face Doodle, Mirror Image, Body Parts and Senses
  • KC Stickers: Body Parts, Senses Pictures 


They immediately got to work on the various projects with zero prompting.


The lessons and activities are fun, engaging and easy for kids to learn.  Each monthly subscription box comes with all materials, lessons, plans, and supplies (new themes every month).  Subscription kits focus on the following age groups: 0-6 months; 6-12 months; 1-2 years; 2-3 years; and 3+ years.  As you can see, my 5 and 7 year olds were engaged and eager to learn from the 3+ year old kit.  They enjoyed the activities so much that I had to transition them to bedtime with the promise that they could continue with the activities tomorrow.

As a parent and educator, I am thrilled to find Kids’ Candor!  Their products are educational and engaging.  I am pleasantly surprised to see the quality of the products and materials.  Included also were lessons with standards and easy to follow plans that can be easily adapted.  I am excited to use these educational resources and materials with my own children and students.

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