Sensory Building Blocks Activity

sensory building blocks

Sensory play provides an opportunity for every child to succeed.  Exposing children to sensory play helps them develop and refine the use of their senses; encourages children to use descriptive and expressive language; develops prewriting skills; inspires their eagerness to learn and experiment; teaches cooperation and collaboration; provides open-ended opportunities; and promotes creativity.

Children need to use their senses and be engaged in meaningful experiences.  As children learn through their senses, they also develop the ability to use those senses.  

Sensory building blocks benefit your child(ren) by helping develop their senses. Some of our personal favorites include (click for link):

Rainbow Sound Blocks

Guidecraft Shimmering Water Rainbow Blocks

Guidecraft Sand Rainbow Blocks

Guidecraft Crystal Bead Rainbow Blocks

Guidecraft Jr. Rainbow Block 20 Piece Set

Some tips for building together:

1.  Explore and investigate the blocks together.

2.  Discuss the colors seen, sounds heard, textures felt, etc.

3.  Allow for open-ended play and creativity.

4.  Build together or next to each other.

5.  Ask open-ended questions.  Talk about what is being built.  How is it being built?  Where is it being built?  Why is it being built?


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