Silly Slime Experiment


My kiddos have enjoyed messy experiments lately.  Silly slime is one of their favorite creations to make.  You can change up this recipe for a unique silly slime experiment every time!

You will need: 8 oz. of glue (I like to use glitter glue for extra colorful, sparkly slime), 1 teaspoon of Borax, bowls, spoons, and warm water, (optional: essential oils and/or food coloring for an added sensory experience).

1.  Pour the glue into a bowl, then fill the glue bottle (8oz) with warm water.

2.  Add the water to the glue and stir.

3.  Add your food coloring and/or essential oils.

4.  Mix 1/2 cup warm water in another bowl and add your teaspoon of Borax, mix until the Borax is dissolved. Slowly add that to your glue mixture and stir.

5.  Enjoy your Silly Slime creation!


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