Simple 100 Days of School Shirt

100 days of school shirt

Believe it or not, the 100th day of school is almost upon us.  My son needed a quick and simple idea for a 100th day of school t-shirt.  For this simple shirt, start with a clever line such as, “I’m 100 days brighter,” add some star stickers, and BAM! cute, simple, and DONE!


You will need: large foam star stickers, small foam star stickers, permanent marker, spray adhesive, and a plain t-shirt.

  1.  Write “I’m 100 Days Brighter” (or your choice of saying) on a few large foam stars.



2.  Place one hundred foam stars all over the shirt (peel and stick and/or use spray adhesive).

           3.  Finish decorating as desired and allow to dry.

100 days of school shirt

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