Simple Sensory Writing Bag

sensory writing bag

There are numerous ways to make sensory writing bags.  You can use shaving cream, hair gel, or even water beads to make the sensory experience more authentic.  For this particular sensory writing bag, my kids and I used hair gel.

You will need: hair gel; food coloring; Q-tip; duct/masking tape and a large ziplock bag.

1.  Squirt approximately 2 cups of hair gel into a large ziplock bag.

2.  Add about 2 tablespoons of food coloring into the bag.

3.  Remove the air and seal the ziplock bag completely. Add duct/masking tape to the top of the bag to help prevent it from opening.

4.  Once you have ensured the bag is properly sealed, have your child start gently massaging the bag to spread the color so it mixes with the hair gel.

5.  Once the color(s) are mixed to the desired color(s), have your child use the Q-tip to gently “write” on the ziplock bag.  They can practice numbers, letters, words, symbols, their name, etc. using the Q-tip or even their fingers.

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