Simple Sticker Counting Book

sticker counting book

Make this personalized Simple Sticker Counting Book for your little learner out of materials around your house or classroom.  This activity can be easily modified to fit a vast group of learners amongst different ages and/or abilities.*  It can also be personalized to fit your little learner’s current interests to help with eagerness and active participation.

You will need: blank paper, stickers, markers, hole punch or stapler.

  1. To create your own book, you can choose to use any paper you would like. Regular 8½ x 11 printer paper can be used, as can any variety of handmade papers or cardstock. You will be folding each sheet in half, so your total number of pages will be double the number of sheets you use.
  2. Choose the numbers you want to use in your book according to your child’s age and/or ability.  Then write one number per page.
  3. Put the corresponding number of sticker(s) on each page (number 3 gets three stickers).  This is where it gets fun, because your little one can choose exactly what they want the focus of the book to be about (Star Wars, Palace Pets, animals, sports, etc).
  4. Hole punch or staple the sides together (you can also laminate and use thread, glue, headband tape, etc. to make for a sturdier book).
  5. Read and practice counting together with your little learner.

*You can easily adapt this book to focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems for practice (i.e. write 1+1=2 with the corresponding stickers on the page).

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