St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt


This is a fun scavenger hunt that you can do on St. Patrick’s Day or any day with some minor adjustments.

You will need: plastic coins and simple rewards (I used Silly Putty).

1.  Hide the plastic coins.

2.  Explain to your little leprecauns how many coins you hid (I hid 20 green coins and 2 golden coins) and the general area they are hidden in (I hid these in the playroom).  For this scavenger hunt they were to find 10 green coins and 1 golden coin each.

3.  Once they found the correct number of coins, they needed to explain 2 math equations using their coins (i.e. 3 green coins plus 1 gold coin equals 4 coins in all).

4.  After they found the coins and did their math equations, I rewarded them with their surprise… Silly Putty.  They had so much fun and wanted to keep playing again and again!!

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