Sensory Walk

Go on a Sensory Walk with your child(ren).  Go to a local park or playground.  Or simply walk around your backyard.  Point out various colors, shapes, smells, textures.  Ask questions.  Encourage them that there are no wrong answers to these types of questions.  Listen to your child(ren) and their response to nature.  

Bike Buddies

Bike riding is a great outlet for both of my kids, but especially CJ.  I have seen a huge improvement with his self-esteem and self-confidence since he began riding a “big boy bike” (no training wheels). Riding a bicycle is such a wonderful after school activity.  It also helps with gross-motor skills. Please teach (and/or […]

Nature Animal

My kiddos and I enjoy going on walks together.  While we are walking (typically the beach or at a park) one game we like to play is “Nature Animal.”  Whoever is “it” uses pieces in nature to “dress-up” as an animal for the others to guess.  In this case, CG used driftwood as antlers to […]