Planting Seeds

Gardening is such a therapeutic activity for most children.  Planting seeds is a great way that allows for fine-motor practice and provides many sensory benefits. You will need: a bucket filled with soil, multiple small containers, shovel, and seeds. 1.  Have your child(ren) use their shovel to scoop the soil and put it into the smaller […]

Bike Buddies

Bike riding is a great outlet for both of my kids, but especially CJ.  I have seen a huge improvement with his self-esteem and self-confidence since he began riding a “big boy bike” (no training wheels). Riding a bicycle is such a wonderful after school activity.  It also helps with gross-motor skills. Please teach (and/or […]

Collecting Seashells

Fine motor skills are important to develop as they are used for numerous important skills, including writing.  Collecting seashells is always a big hit with my kiddos, so I like to make it as educational as possible.  For this particular activity, the kiddos practiced fine motor skills by picking up seashells and placing them into […]