A tangram is a Chinese puzzle that consists of seven shapes or pieces (tans). There are many benefits to using tangrams. They can help enrich your child’s knowledge of various mathematical concepts; develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills; help with nonverbal thinking skills; foster creativity; amongst other benefits. Tangrams also cater to a variety of […]

St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun scavenger hunt that you can do on St. Patrick’s Day or any day with some minor adjustments. You will need: plastic coins and simple rewards (I used Silly Putty). 1. ¬†Hide the plastic coins. 2. ¬†Explain to your little leprecauns how many coins you hid (I hid 20 green coins and […]

Help Me Learn Addition Book and Activity

We have been practicing addition and subtraction a lot in our household lately. Help Me Learn Addition (Jean Marzollo) is a good book to encourage young children to learn and practice addition. 1. Read the book to your child(ren) or have them read it aloud to you. 2. Discuss the pictures on each page. Ask […]