Treasure Ice Eggs

treasure ice eggs

Treasure Ice Eggs are fairly simple to make and awesome to watch as your little ones discover the “hidden treasure” inside the ice.

You will need: small plastic figures (we used these), coins, marbles (also these); water; balloons; freezer; and small tools to chip at the ice.

1.  Stretch the balloon open and insert the small figure, marble, coin, etc. into the balloon (this step takes a little finesse).

2.  Fill the balloons (with the figures inside) with water.  Tie the balloons closed.

3.  Place the water balloons in the freezer.

4.  Once frozen, take the water balloons out from the freezer.   The balloon should easily detach from the ice.  If not, you can use scissors to gently cut the balloon away from the ice.

5.  Encourage your little ones to explore the Treasure Ice Eggs, play with them, touch them, guess what “treasures” are frozen inside, try to chip away at the ice, melt the ice, etc.  My kiddos immediately asked for salt and warm water to help melt the ice.  Allow them to be the scientists and come up with questions and answers!!

6.  Chances are they will have so much fun, that you will need to make more for tomorrow!!


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